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People at the Heart of the Hospitality Sector

At the heart of the hospitality sector lies the “People” behind the guest experience.

Equally, the hospitality sector is a people’s sector.

Therefore, the success of a hospitality business is measured by the level of guest satisfaction delivered by satisfied hotel employees.

1. Hotel employees satisfaction can be multi-dimensional:

Moral: This is the most powerful satisfaction of all. It can be summarized by the concierge’s smile while welcoming guests into the hotel. Moral satisfaction comes from hotel staff’s sense of job security, empowerment at work, continuous learning and professional development, and being treated as family member.

Financial: The hotel staff, when fairly compensated, will always over-perform.

In times of crisis, hotel owners need to focus on hotel staff’s moral satisfaction in order to maintain a high level of guest satisfaction, which will in its turn reflect into a strong ADR and occupancy rate.

Once the hospitality market recovers, hotel owners will be in a financial position that allows them to re-assess whether their compensation scheme is competitive towards peers.

Maintaining a positive work environment will enhance talent retention and employee performance levels within an organization.

2. Hospitality is a “services” sector.

Hence, the need to maintain a “quality service” that materializes in delivering an unforgettable guest experience. The immediate impact of such “quality service” on the business consists of enhancing the number of repeat guests which in its turn translates into a high ADR and occupancy rate.

The long term impact on the business consists of a continuous enhancement of the operator’s brand value and the business enterprise value.

One life lesson learnt: “It’s all about People. This is the main asset for any business in the services sector to succeed.”


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