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LexTalk World Talk Show with Muhammet Burak Özçelik, Legal And Regulatory Counsel at Information....

Muhammet Burak Ozcelik earned an LLM from King's College London and is working towards a PhD from Ankara University. He serves as a Senior Legal Counsel at the Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Türkiye, handling legislative and regulatory procedures and representing Türkiye before international institutions. Mr. Ozcelik has extensive experience in advising clients on competition, IP, e-commerce, data privacy, cyber security, and general commercial law. With his background in full-stack development and knowledge of both legal and technical aspects of the digital environment, he is able to provide clients with effective legal solutions.


Host: As a professional how did you deal with the challenges and also how did you figure out the solutions to counter these challenges?

Muhammet: As a lawyer, I have faced many challenges throughout my career, but I believe that my solutions-oriented mindset and communication skills enable me to navigate these challenges effectively. I approach each case with an open mind and a willingness to learn. I work collaboratively with my colleagues and clients, keeping them informed throughout the process. I believe that effective communication is key to building trust and relationships with clients and colleagues alike. When faced with a challenge, I am committed to finding creative solutions and am not afraid to think outside the box. I leverage my legal expertise, knowledge of industry trends, and research skills to identify and implement the best possible solutions for my clients. Overall, my commitment to success and my problem-solving skills enable me to overcome even the most complex legal challenges with grace and determination.

Host: Talking about the opportunities in this field, how or in what ways would you like to present them and expand those, thinking of the longer run?

Muhammet: In terms of opportunities in the legal field, I see tremendous potential for growth and innovation in the areas of IT, IP, commercial and competition law. With the rapid pace of technological advancement and increasing globalization, businesses are facing a wide range of legal challenges and complexities. As a result, I believe that lawyers with expertise in these areas will be in high demand in the coming years. In addition to providing traditional legal services, I also see opportunities for lawyers to offer more specialized services such as data protection, cybersecurity, and digital rights management. These areas are becoming increasingly important as businesses rely more and more on technology to conduct their operations.

Furthermore, I believe that it is essential for lawyers to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology and business practices in order to be able to offer effective and relevant legal advice. This means staying up to date with legal trends and developments, attending relevant conferences and seminars, and networking with peers in the legal and technology industries. By doing so, we can ensure that we are providing our clients with the most comprehensive and informed legal counsel possible.

Overall, I am confident that the legal field will continue to offer many exciting opportunities for growth and innovation, and I am committed to staying at the forefront of these developments in order to provide the best possible service to my clients.

Host: Time is money in any profession and in legal it's most of all. How do you ensure to make the best of your time as a lawyer?

Muhammet: Effective time management is critical for lawyers to provide the best possible service to their clients while managing the demands of a busy legal practice. As a lawyer, I understand the importance of making the most of my time and employ various strategies to ensure that I am able to do so. These strategies help me stay focused, organized, and productive, allowing me to deliver high-quality legal services.

Firstly, I prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance, which allows me to focus on the most pressing matters while also effectively managing my workload. Additionally, I use time-blocking to schedule specific times for completing tasks, which keeps me on track and minimizes distractions.

Moreover, I utilize technology tools such as practice management software, document management systems, and email filters to streamline my workflow and save time. I also delegate tasks where feasible to other team members or assistants, which enables me to focus on higher-level tasks and deliver exceptional service to my clients.

While I have confidence in my ability to manage my time efficiently, I also recognize the value of continuously evaluating and refining my strategies. I am always seeking feedback and looking for new ways to improve my productivity and efficiency.

At the same time, I maintain a humble and client-focused attitude, committed to providing excellent legal services to those I represent. By staying organized, focused, and efficient, I can deliver high-quality legal services while building strong, positive relationships with my clients.

In summary, effective time management is crucial for providing exceptional legal services while also managing the demands of a busy legal practice. By prioritizing tasks, leveraging technology, and staying humble and client-focused, I can deliver exceptional legal services and build strong, lasting relationships with my clients.

Host: Key lessons or experiences that have enriched you and are currently aiding you in your work profile.

Muhammet: Throughout my career as a lawyer, I have had the opportunity to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and industries. These experiences have taught me invaluable lessons about effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. One of the most significant lessons I have learned is the importance of active listening, which has helped me to understand my clients' needs and concerns better. I have also learned the value of persistence in the face of complex legal challenges, and this has enabled me to overcome obstacles and achieve positive outcomes for my clients. Overall, these experiences have enriched me both personally and professionally, and I believe they will continue to aid me in providing excellent service in business.

Host: Can you describe a time when you faced a particularly challenging legal issue or case, and how you went about finding a solution? What did you learn from that experience, and how has it shaped your approach to similar challenges since then?

Muhammet: I have had the opportunity to work on a particularly challenging legal issue in the past, which involved a competition law case that also touched on patent law, specifically Standard Essential Patents. This case was unique in that it was the first of its kind to be brought in Turkey and Europe, and it required a thorough understanding of both legal areas.

To tackle the issue, my team and I conducted extensive research and analysis, exploring various interpretations of the law and considering how they might apply to our specific case, including the complexities of Standard Essential Patents. We also consulted with experts in both competition law and patent law to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand.

Ultimately, we were able to develop a legal strategy that we believed was best suited to our case, and we presented our findings and arguments to the competition authority board. I'm proud to say that our approach was successful, and the board ruled in our favor.

Through this experience, I learned the importance of thorough research and analysis, as well as the value of seeking out expert opinions and perspectives, particularly in complex areas such as Standard Essential Patents. I also learned that sometimes, in order to find the best solution, it's necessary to approach a legal issue in a new and creative way, rather than simply relying on established precedent.

Since then, I have applied these lessons to other challenging legal issues that I have faced, and I believe that they have helped me to provide more effective and innovative solutions for my clients, particularly in cases that involve the complexities of Standard Essential Patents.




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