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LexTalk World Talk Show with Chudi Ojukwu, Partner at L C & N

Chudi Ojukwu is the leading legal authority in Nigeria electric power sector and infrastructure regulation, with over 33 years of experience as a legal practitioner in Nigeria. An Associate Professor of law, Chudi Ojukwu has advised on over 30 power sector transactions in the past decade, including utility-scale PV solar and hydro projects. A Certified Utility Regulation Specialist, he has been involved in most of the IPP transactions in Nigeria. He has held many consulting roles, including as a Regulatory Advisory Expert to the Government of Liberia. His practice interests also include general commercial practice, data privacy, blockchain and AI.


Host: What motivated you to choose the Legal sector as a domain of work and how has been your career span?

Chudi: My primary motivation for becoming a lawyer was a desire to be an advocate on behalf of others. I started as an academic specialising in civil litigation and dispute resolution. I later became enthralled by commercial practice, as it allowed me the opportunity to help clients and people grow. I have since grown to be a renowned academic and infrastructural lawyer, supporting key transactions across the continent. My career in law has span over a 34-year period.

Host: Key lessons or experiences that have enriched you and are currently aiding you in your work profile.

Chudi: The key lesson that have driven and enriched my work experience is discovering that what motivates clients most is the solution and problem-solving skills of a lawyer. Excellence is not defined by simply having technical knowledge, but by the ability to apply the knowledge to the benefit of a client.

Host: Relating to your experience in this field, have you worked on any essential projects?

Chudi: I led the team that designed the Nigerian Electricity Reform Programme and the eventual privatisation of the electricity assets. Navigating the complex agreements required to make the projects bankable was one of the biggest challenging of my career. The projects also showed that commercial lawyers must become multi-skill and multi-disciplinary in their approach to transactions.




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