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How good we hold our Nation, its Constitution and pride depend on how do we act, perform and behave.

In the current scenario when the pandemic is going on, the role of every citizen is to uplift the nation and to stand with the nation than to act contrary to the interests of the Nation and to make it crumble.

It is not only in India where social distancing is being followed, likewise in every country physical distancing which is being followed as a form of social distancing, is one of the crucial norms in the fight against the global pandemic, Covid 19.

On the website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the guideline states the ‘Advisory on social distancing measure given the spread of COVID-19 disease’, as social distancing, non-pharmaceutical infection prevention, and control intervention implemented to avoid/decrease contact between those who are infected with a disease-causing pathogen and those who are not, to stop or slow down the rate and extent of disease transmission in a community.

The educationists and ministries are essentially stressing using the words "Social distancing" while on the contrary, the role played by a vast majority of citizens is just on the contrary. The incoming of the social media itself has brought people on the verge that they are distanced socially barring meeting on the social media platforms.

How far, the words "Social distancing" are playing their role can well be seen in the Indian context and scenario.

Lot is talked about and promoted by the Ministries via media, with the social media platforms being used to attempting to educate people. The question that arises is that the promotions, schemes rightly reach the people, but are real people being educated? It is a self-proclaiming question which everybody needs to ask themselves, "Whether one is educated enough in the real sense and behaves like one?"

The part of academics is diversified and different from being educated. A person though not academically qualified cannot be said to be educated as to the simple meaning of the word, educated is "One who understands a situation". The dictionary meaning of the word "educated" is "having studied and learned a lot of things to a higher standard".

On the contrary, the synonym of educated is erudite and civilized.

Now, here the question comes as per the synonym of being educated is; are we civilized and behave like one?

Talking of high standards, high qualification, dressing likewise, and being decked up, does that connote that a person is civilized in absence of any gesture and act of such qualified person to behave like a civilized person? I would say "NO".

At a time when the entire country is struggling to survive the pandemic, citizens are expected to follow desired protocols announced by the authorities and take constructive steps in the fight the pandemic instead of criticizing the efforts made by the government.

It was way back in 2016 when the Demonetization, was declared by the government in India, I had said that time is not far when only people who can cross the boundaries of difficulties, as the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ would survive and the rest would perish. Those who know me personally; know that I even said that in coming time people would be in alms and even time would come when the base of the vessel would be gone and a person would hold only the rim of the vessel in hand.

Not just that, in my articles which I wrote I have categorically stated that situations would be worse and uncontrollable during Covid-19, and in my first article, I have proposed the lockdown should continue till December 2020. In my second article, I wrote what I have speculated and in my 3rd article, I have stated how things are going to work and how the virus is working biologically.

The question is are we really supporting the Nation and standing with it thus by criticizing, passing negative remarks on medical aspects, failure of the system, Judiciary?

The question is this what the people of India want to happen or do the people of India with the country to be back in the form crossing the limits; overcoming every façade be of Covid-19 or any other obstacle which is as of now challenging the strength of India and the strength of India lies nowhere but within the citizens of India collectively. I am one of the common man belonging to the collective common Indian citizens, but it depends on what direction do we think of, where do we want to head to, and in what way? “Positive or Negative. Choice is ours”.

Even during leading a normal life every person who is head of a family always tend to and tries to take care of every aspect making his family happy. Wanting to see the happiness of family and stand for his/her family and always looks to his/her strength is none the other, but his/her family members. Bharat i.e. India as we say and address “Bharat Mata” is none other but “Head of the Family” and the head of the family today is looking to its offshoots, family members for aid and the family members are the strength. It’s time to adorn, adore and stand with the head of the family which is none other than our country rather than backbiting or stabbing in the back, backlash, and culminate the strength of the Nation.

Time to think! It’s better late than never.

Before it’s too late, stand for the Nation instead of giving a blind eye because it’s the nation that has given every citizen the privilege to be the citizen of the country, place to live, study, work and earn livelihood for oneself and the family. If the Constitution of India vide Article 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 has given the rights, the Constitution does as well have a right to take away in the event if anything goes wrong and when there is an emergency. Never underestimate the strength of the Nation and its Constitution. It may be stressed due to the situation but is never that tired, not being capable of standing up again and striking back.

Complaints are coming from every nook and corner of people manipulating and professionals extorting using their acumen while patients are hospitalized. Is this what our country has given us the right to practice?

It's not just a duty every citizen is cast upon by the Constitution of India but it’s the Supreme Duty of every citizen to hold the Constitution above everything than to lower the same and do or perform, indulge in acts that crumbles the Constitution of a Nation. Last but not the least, I would say. Get into the shoes of the Nation and you will come to know what situation the Nation is going through. Sitting in one's shoes and talking would never help anyone to assess the gravity of the situation the entire country is going through. It is the responsibility of every citizen to come to the aid of the Nation as a prudent citizen and work towards overcoming all odds. The nation’s interest comes first upfront than anyone’s vested interest.

Yogesh V Nayyar, Advocate

Supreme Court of India

Member, International Council of Jurists, London


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