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In the modern era where we talk about modernization, liberty and cross culture developments, there are still many notable points to discuss. Discussions and debates around women empowerment and gender equality being one of those prominent topics.

Off course, there are many amendments and observable societal changes that have transformed the perspective of women self-dependence. Once, there was the time when women were deprived of basic human rights like education, sanitation and even the female feticides were very high. Whereas today not just women but the entire eco system is vocal about the right to equality for women.

In specific if we talk about women in law be it as an attorney, corporate counsellors, barrister, solicitor or prosecutor, they are very actively participating in the field. It is believed that the high percentage of women participation in jurisprudence will ensure the gender equality strongly.  This proved to be correct when the topic is being discussed globally and many major steps have been taken by legal and governing bodies of different countries. Due to raising percentage of women in law or judiciary, the sensitivity can be seen clearly against discriminatory practices. Today, there are laws, and policies that promises the gender equality but, as always there are some loopholes that are still to be worked upon. For instance, a woman is allowed to build their career as per her choice but at the same time there are many national and international reports that says that women are usually underpaid as compared to men holding similar jobs.

In the modern and advanced 21st century where feminism is the hot topic and a fancy practice (at least to show off) there are nations that are not exactly able to set women free from obsolete social practices. Yes, for sure everything is not grey in the story, as, there are many things that have changed in this era, like women are asked to take care of their mental and physical health.

We can see top women entrepreneurs around the world, some of the women are great world leaders politically whereas, others are still struggling against physical and emotional violence. To ensure the women safety, right to education and equality the law makers are making tremendous efforts.

There are noteworthy reforms and laws that exist to save female rights like:

Ø  Reservation of women seats in local self-governing institutions

Ø  Women reservation in work force be it, private or public department

Ø  Right to privacy and protection against violence

There are many legal provisions under which women are ensured to be safe, emotionally, physically and financially. The judiciary has soft corner for women during any complaint. In fact, women are given advantage of immediate action by the law, against the culprit in many cases. Besides all these things there are still women struggling daily for their basic rights. Not everyone can take legal actions. The defeat of gender-based bias and imbalance is not possible just by making laws but it needs the government, businesses, society and individual to work together and accept the change for good.

 You can make laws and follow them but what about the general perception that men are more dedicated towards the organization/ company then women and many other social stigmas. There are many social, and physical behaviours that marginalize women even today when feminism is the most trending topic of any platform. You cannot change perceptions by making laws. There are some social barriers that hurdle the initiative of gender equality in the society.

Ø  It is high time when we need to restrict women-based sarcasm flow around.

Ø  Stop cracking jokes on single or working mothers.

Ø  Families should support their daughter, wife or mother to pursue her dreams.

Ø  Women post maternity gaps should not be judged by the organizations.

Many of the co-workers or the families of new mothers pre-assumes the inefficiency in work. Women at any stage may juggle to fit in any space exactly like men do. In fact, there is a very popular saying that “a woman is always a better manager”.

How women should  deal with gender bias against them?

Seek leadership roles: if women reach the high profile in not just in law, but other authorities then they can ensure the policies safeguarding female rights. The implementation of laws can reach to ground level where, there are certain social challenges till date.

Ensure work-life balance: it is required to set boundaries and make them clear to both your family and office. You should stick to them thoroughly. This will help you maintain your emotional well being and spare unnecessary burnouts.

Take the charge in your hand: remember inclusivity is not other’s responsibility only. Rather, you should take initiatives to be included in events and activities. Try to support as a team player whenever required. Help others insistently, create your worth within the team. But yes, don’t run too much for it.   

Basically, before judging or stopping any women for her right to equality we must be aware against gender bias. If, we scale up our social behaviours in collaboration with laws in practise and make changes at personal or social levels then we can certainly achieve gender equality for women not just in some parameters but overall at a holistic level. By: Geetanjali Ballabh, Commercial Contracting Counsel at Diebold Nixdorf


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