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The legal industry has undergone a significant transformation since last few years. What was once seen as a closely-knit profession has now become a global enterprise market with advancing changes and use of technology day by day.However, there are various factors behind the rapid change acceleration in the legal market. The one that has made major changes is since few years is legal technology.

The term Legal technology as referred as Legal tech refers to use of technology and software that changes the way we use legal services in our daily lives. In a wider perceptive term, it meansthe easeof practice of law for attorneys and legal professionals, and also provide ease to the clients to access legal competence or justice. Technology has been playing a vital role in the legal industry. It has increased the efficiency of legal offices and productivity of clerical workers. There is greater transparency between attorney’s and clients. Clients know how much fees they have to pay and can keep track of day-to-day progress of the lawyer on their case. The ease of research has become very efficient and less time consuming, one can be updated with latest law and authorities within no time.

With the ease of technology, the litigation has become globalized also, you are being connected with the lawyers all over the world and legal practice is becoming more globalized rather than getting your self-restricted to one jurisdiction. The attorneys, lawyers, solicitors & barristers relate to each other with the ease of technology which help them to work and do work sharing in other parts of the world also. The clients even can connect and find attorneys and law firm online for their issues resolving in any part of the world. The dynamics of the legal practice has been changed in the modern world with the use of technology, things have become more globalized and approachable for the clients as well as lawyers.

One of the advantages of technology in law is that lawyers can now work together on important matters with productive tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, etc. They no longer have to sit next to each other in order to draft a petition or discuss the important aspects of a case. Legal tech is enabling a culture of remote law firms. Lawyers and law firms can now serve more clients irrespective of geographical location.

The meetings, client’s interview, discussion with the clients can be conducted online via applications like Zoom, Microsoft Meet, etc. easily rather than sitting next to each other.

The use of technology is now days are preferred in case hearing also, the use of video link hearing in courts have also made life easy and hassle free of lawyer and clients also, one does not have to travel physically to the court rooms for court hearing than hearings can be conducted via video link, which is at the same time cost efficient and time saving element and more efficient.

The globalized legal system provides you benefits to understand different legal systems, different legal cultures and legal procedures. As to the modern the world the things and system are changing drastically, it is the demand of the legal system to understand and work globalized, rather than restricting to one jurisdiction. The legal education system should be transformed and the students who are studying law should be taught globalized prospect of the legal system, not just making them teach and restrict them to one legal system but legal system and practices of the other countries, which will surely help them in their profession.

Most of the people are not aware of the laws of their country even. They have to take the help of the advice of an expert lawyer who has good proficiency in the case. Legal education must have a multidisciplinary approach and should be multipurpose in order to resolve any problem a person faces globally. The law education system must be in such a manner that a law student while dealing with a case considers political, technological, sociological, psychological, etc. aspects. If we have to have some position in the global world of law the lawyers produced should be honest, hardworking, skilled, devoted and committed to their work and they should adapt to the changes taking place in the global world to make their place in the legal profession.




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