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Being a Lawyer and its Challenges

Guilty Clients

So, here’s something difficult to digest. Not all of your clients are going to be "innocent." You will occasionally represent clients who are guilty and most of the lawyers they already know.

So how to face this?

Be Professional and remember that a Lawyer has to uphold the interest of his client regardless of your personal opinion as to the guilt of the Client.

Stress caused by Guilt

There are many challenges thata lawyer faces such as long hours, Client’s reluctance to pay legal feesetc, but there are certain important challenges which I would like to highlight and the most important one is Stress caused by Self Guilt. When I say stress, it’s just not limited to long working hours, long working hours are nowadays in every area of work in different ways, but as a lawyer one of the major causes of stress is making a mistake as a lawyer which can cost clients dearly and another is losing a case, since Lost cases can result in heavy financial burden and jail time in some situations &this causes extreme guilt. Often People find this profession fancy but the above guilt affects the mental and physical health of lawyers to a great extent.

Hence a tip:- Remember that you're only human. Always try your best, but you won't win every case. The sooner you come to this realization, the better.

People Judging your Character

Almost all lawyers have to deal with these unwarranted assumptions about their character. For example, Criminal defence lawyers-they are often judged for defending their clients.Unfortunately, there's no solution here except that what you can do is learn to accept that people will judge you and learn to accept that their judgments simply don't matter.

Acquiring Clients: -

In India, lawyers and legal practitioners are not allowed to advertise their work or advertise to get clients.

So how do you do it within the bounds of the rules?

It may take some time for freshers but here are some of the ways of clients reaching you:

  • Website: -Make a website which should contain basic details about you and contents should be related to Law for education purposes only

  • Online Presence - Legal Writing & Publishing Articles

  • Leverage Legal Directories and User Reviews.

  • Networking and Referrals.

  • Public Speaking, Events, Conferences and Meet-ups

Being a Lawyer Is Challenging...

... Practicing law is a triathlon and not a sprint; prepare each day and take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health to enjoy your life and law practice.




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