A holistic approach to Risk Management in an Artificial Intelligence World during COVID-19 – Reviewing Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Security Laws


25 June 2020 @ 2:30 PM UTC

A holistic approach to Risk Management in an Artificial Intelligence World during COVID-19 – Reviewing Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Security Laws


We as a global community are living in the realms of a digitally motivated world of existence. Here our privacy concerns are as crucial as to that of our physical existence especially in an era of globalization nurtured by the socio-technological forces. It is driven by the digitization of almost everything in our economy and services sector, our social relations, politics and government. Above all, it is driven by the prospect of human decision-making, responsibility and accountability being delegated to machines. Digitization respects no geographical boundaries. Digitization is not sensitive to human boundaries between what we want to be public, private, or something in between. It injects itself into our most intimate spaces – relationships, communications and attention. In this web-conference, we review our Privacy, data Protection and Cyber Security laws analyzing the checklist for Risk Management in an Artificial Intelligent World. The ongoing worldwide dilemma of the COVID-19 Pandemic has made these issues significantly more important, forcing us to do hard thinking on the above subjects.  

  • Implementation of the organizational objective by applying AI solutions – A detailed understanding.

  • Ownership and Integrity of Data.

  • AI and Professional Liability.

  • Control Mechanisms on AI – How to set up a control mechanism on the outcome of using AI to avoid unintended outcomes.

  • Transparency: Algorithmic decision-making should shift from the “black box” to the “glass box.”

  • Decision-Making Processes – How to use Algorithm-based decision making from ‘Black box’ to ‘glass box’

  • How to negate Bias and Discrimination

  • Ethical Standards Review and Regulatory Compliance

  • Safeguarding and Securing against Cyber Attacks applying AI.

  • Understanding the Impact on the Workforce.

  • Risk Management aiding with AI during the COVID-19 crisis worldwide.


Kimberly Halva

Senior Associate General Counsel at Fairview Health Service

Kimberly Halva received her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law and her MPH from the University of Minnesota.  For the past 25 years, Ms. Halva has worked as both a Senior Attorney and Compliance Officer for large insurance carriers and healthcare providers in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.  She currently serves as Corporate Secretary and Senior Counsel to Fairview Pharmacy Services advising the organization on a wide variety of issues that arise from the day to day operations of Fairview’s pharmacies, labs, hospitals and clinics.  

Sameet Gambhir

Jt. VP (Corp. Law) & Company Secretary at DCM Shriram LTD


​Corporate legal professional and Company Secretary with over 25 years of experience in different fields and is presently Jt. VP (Corporate Law) & Company Secretary of DCM Shriram Limited, New Delhi.
Sameet’s expertise includes regulatory & corporate legal matters, Corporate compliances under various Corporate Laws, SEBI regulations, RBI and FEMA matters, contract management and legal documentation. He carries vast experience in handling Board Meetings, shareholders meetings, Investor relations, litigation support, due-diligences, and has handled mergers, acquisitions, setting up foreign subsidiaries, the formation of JVs, restructuring, winding up/ liquidation matters during his role with various Companies. He has also handled many investigations, brand protection

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