A multidimensional approach to Intellectual Property Rights Worldwide during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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24 September 2020 @ 2:30 PM UTC

A multidimensional approach to Intellectual Property Rights Worldwide during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Let’s look at the ways companies protect their IP and profit from it. The simplest way for a company to protect its intellectual property is to never reveal it—to create what is called a trade secret. This is how Coca-Cola protects the formula for its hugely popular soda. If the secret were discovered or revealed through nefarious intent, then trade secret law would allow punishment of the perpetrator, including criminal prosecution. But if a company somehow developed the same formula on its own, Coca-Cola could do nothing to stop them.

Therefore, companies opt for other IP protection - patents and copyrights. In this web-conference, we delve into the interesting subject of IR as our experts discuss and educate us on the different aspects of this Law.

  • Understanding different types of IPs like Patents, Trade Marks, Trade Secrets, Copyright and other related Rights.

  • Licensing IP Rights – Importance of License and its usage in different forms of commercial transactions.

  • Case Study:  Spotlight on International Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

  • Country-wise difference in IP protection.

  • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and its high relevance in this field.

  • What advantages does a company gain by filing a patent? Why might a company decide not to file a patent on an intellectual asset?

  • How important are Intellectual Property rights especially during the COVID-19 crisis?

  • The role of research and development (R&D) in innovation.

  • Emerging market-based innovation.

  • How is Intellectual Property rights treated across the globe?

  • How are businesses accelerating innovation efforts?

  • Actions and remedies against infringement of IP.

  • Patent rights for vaccines and research against COVID-19

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