The need for legal compliance to minimize data privacy risk especially during and post COVID-19 Pandemic.

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22 September 2020 @ 2:30 PM UTC

The need for legal compliance to minimize data privacy risk especially during and post COVID-19 Pandemic.


Employees are the biggest source of privacy risk. In fact, 59% of privacy incidents originate with an organization’s own employees. Worse still — 45% of employee-driven privacy failures come from intentional behavior (though it may not be malicious). Often, business leaders take a reactive approach or don’t consider this risk to be a problem until it’s too late. This approach does not serve them well, as privacy and data protection becomes more complex as organizations move more applications to cloud providers, adopt postmodern enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies and start platform businesses, especially when our modus operandi have undergone a sea change riding the wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, worldwide.


This webinar would try to focus on the Legal and Compliance needs in organizations to minimize data privacy risk. Experts in this field share their ideologies and experience to discuss on the topic to disseminate knowledge and awareness on this field of study.

  • Understanding how Legal and Compliance leaders play a role in data protection.

  • What legal and compliance leaders should do?

  • A clear definition of risk culture.

  • What steps are deemed necessary to accommodate our changed work culture and modus operandi of business when we resort to work from home, which we have been forced to do during the Covid 19 crisis?

  • Audit & Risk: The value of strong risk culture during these uncertain times.

  • Enterprise Risk Management during Covid 19 crisis.

  • Doing it differently: Become more Risk Intelligent

  • How can compliance programs support their firm’s recovery from COVID-19?  

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