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Visualization is the key, for new patent searches

A patent search is a process of searching for all issued patents or published patent applications related to the person’s invention. It determines whether a certain invention is patentable or not. Although the process is prudent and cost-effective, it cannot be denied that keyword searches can be a bit difficult to soak in. To change this, IP platforms have now decided to include visual results rather than just the keywords.

Since we all know that legal platforms can be complex to use and will be accessible only to experts, it was important to bring simplicity to the traditional way of how patent searches were done. This change has been brought keeping in mind that information when present visually is easier to understand.

The legal industry and e-discovery market have already adopted the method of search visualization. For example companies like Relativity and Brainspace which are a data-analytics platform for investigations, eDiscovery, intelligence, mining, and compliance have already resorted to offering visual aids to their customers.

DesignVision is another search engine that specifically works for three-dimensional design patents and two-dimensional trademarks. A three-dimensional mark is a sign represented graphically, which may be a drawing, a shape, a shape of the product, or its packaging, which can be represented graphically and in a specific combination of colors.

With the help of this search engine, users can simply drag the images in the search box and can further try and find their matches with similar IP assets. Although the program counterparts many of the problems that were earlier caused due to keyword search, the system uses a very incompatible way to label its patents.

To get past this problem, trademark vision, using their proprietary technology developed a machine-learning engine, which could teach DesignVision how to interpret the meaning of each image. This feature now enables the platform to easily link differently formatted images to others. After the introduction of this new feature, the platform proved to be a big hit among the market and caught the attention of the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Founded in 1994, this European Union Agency is responsible for the registration of the European Union trademark (EUTM) and the registered Community design (RCD).

After the success of DesignVision many new start-ups of the same kind, have also been introduced in the market. The Loci’s InnVenn, founded by John Wise. It provides the visualization to aid users in finding a more suitable patent for them.

Working- This new platform gives users up to four searches, each search being able to include a set of keywords to find patents relevant to each search. The resulting patents are then displayed as clickable dots on a Venn diagram. The dots in the diagram's overlapping section meet all of the search criteria.

The increase of visualization in patent search tools is an indication of a larger development of tech products that are easier to use and accessible to all.


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