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Using LSA to increase visibility of law firms

In 2020, Google opened up a new lead-gen tool, for law firms across the country. The Local Service Ad, or LSA. LSA is a small advertisement for a local business that appears at the top of SERPs on google for local searchers. It displays the business’s name, photograph, a short bio, the firm’s opening hours, its average review rating and the number of reviews.

LSA is now used by thousands of firms. Its widespread adoption among businesses has created a tough competition. Moreover, it is common that whenever people search for a legal attorney, their research is bound by geographical limits. Therefore, as a legal firm, it becomes important to appear front and centre whenever a prospective client searches for a local attorney.

LSAs are a smart and cost-effective way to target people who are searching for local attorneys. It is important to note that LSAs are not the same thing as Google Map Pack, which displays organic results based on keywords. LSAs are the pay-to-play version of the Map Pack.

These are pay-per-lead, as opposed to traditional pay-per-click ads. While firms do have to pay for these ads, they are only on the hook for the budget they set, and are only liable to pay, when someone engages with their ad. A really nifty aspect of LSAs is that they allow for dynamic phone call conversion tracking. For instance, you can use one phone number to track leads generated by your LSA and another phone number for leads generated by your Google My Business listing.

For any business to set up their LSA, their law firm must be “google screened”. Essentially, it’s a badge of trust for professional services businesses that must be earned to run Local Services Ads. Once the badge is earned, or the business qualifies, the set-up process is fairly straightforward.

Now that we have discussed what LSA is, let us move to another question, essentially the most important one. What are the ranking factors for an LSA?

At most, three profiles appear at the top of the first page of the search results for any given search. This essentially means, that competition is extremely fierce, especially in hot markets. Here are some of the factors that can affect a firm’s ranking,

1. Proximity to the user (based on the office address and the searcher’s IP address)

2. Budget (the higher the budget, the better)

3. Overall review rating

4. Number of reviews

Apart from this, any lead sent through Google, must be responded to quickly. The faster our response is, the better our results will be. Some tactics to attain these are mentioned below.

Assessing our metrics, including the quality and cost of the leads, is another critical aspect of a strong LSA strategy. Working with a qualified agency can help in ensuring us that LSAs are performing well and earning the firm with a positive ROI.

LSAs have only been available to law firms since 2020, but competition is already fierce. To increase the visibility of our law firm and reach potential clients who are looking for a local attorney, one simply cannot ignore these powerful pay-per-lead ads.




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