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LexTalk World Talk Show with Tokyo Ndlela, Managing Partner at Tokyo Ndlela Attorneys Inc.

Tokyo Ndlela is the managing partner of Tokyo Ndlela Attorneys Inc., a specialised law firm operating within the energy and mining sectors. He has experience representing multinational oil companies and prominent property developers. He has worked at Hogan Lovells (a top-ranked international law firm).

Tokyo is an executive member of the Young Professionals Council of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (a globally recognised professional institute overseeing the mining industry).

Tokyo holds an LLB and an LLM from the University of Pretoria. He also holds an MBA from IU International University of Applied Sciences (based in Germany).


Host What motivated you to choose the Legal sector as a domain of work and how has been your career span?

Tokyo: I grew an interest in law through my participation in debating clubs, toastmasters and public speaking events. A career as a lawyer seemed like a natural progression based on my interests. Throughout university and my early career, I was exposed to various kinds of environmental law. I completed my LLM in Environmental law and joined numerous professional associations dealing with the variations of environmental law. Thus, my interest continued to grow in this field of law. I am currently managing my own law firm that primarily deals with the compliance and commercial transactions that take place between entities within the energy, mining and corporate industries.

Host Talking about the opportunities in this field, how or in what ways would you like to present them and expand those, thinking of the longer run?

Tokyo: Due to the rise in the use and influence of social media, opportunities in the legal field has skyrocketed. In the past, one of the few ways to grow an international career in law was to work for a big law firm. However, one can now grow an international career through the exposure granted by social media platforms (such as LinkedIn), as it allows you to interact with and offer services to international communities. To fully benefit from these opportunities brought on by globalisation and the internet, it is important to create an internet presence and promote a consistent brand identity.

Host How would you like to contribute towards the future development and innovations for the industry with the help of your work?

Tokyo: I am constantly remaining up-to-date with developments made in legal tech and general technological innovations. This is to further the efficiency of my practice, while cutting down overhead costs. The technology and software that deems to be highly valuable, I share such discoveries with fellow law firm owners within the various professional associations I form part of.




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