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LexTalk World Talk Show with Sabiha Mehzabin Oishee, Founding President at Bangladesh Forum for....

Sabiha Mehzabin Oishee is a tech entrepreneur, pro bono lawyer, social activist and a university lecturer. She is one of the first Bangladeshis to receive the DLA Piper Global Scholarship. She has completed her Post-graduate Fellowship from the prestigious University of Oxford. She started her non-profit organization, Bangladesh Forum for Legal and Humanitarian Affairs, to promote sustainable legal solutions and has educated more than 10,000 people since 2019 through her platform. She is the recipient of BSWF Fellowship Award by the USAID for her remarkable work for the 'transgender' community in Bangladesh. She aspires to devote herself for her country.

Host: How did you grow your interest in this field, and what do you think about your current position, compared to your previous profession? (If you have changed your profession)

SABIHA: I grew my interest in the field while working with the “hermaphrodite” community of my country and I quickly realised how they’re not provided with their constitutional rights. That is when I wanted to start my forum and educate people of their human rights.

Host: Relating to your experience in this field, have you worked on any essential projects?

SABIHA: In 2018 I was chosen to be one of the fellows for a USAID project by 'Bandhu Social Welfare Foundation' a local NGO. I was privileged to work with the forgotten and forsaken 'transgender' community in my country. I was able to formulate a policy program and a research paper for providing technical education to the transgender community in our society. It was presented to the government bodies and was accepted by many local organizations and I received my first national award for this. My organization, 'Bangladesh Forum for Legal and Humanitarian Affairs' has already educated more than ten thousand youth regarding their legal rights and obligations and now we are making an online application to provide access to justice in Bangladesh.

Host: How would you rate the current legal system's drive towards encouraging access to justice? Is there tangible movement in closing the justice gap?

SABIHA: I believe if good laws are not properly implemented they cannot provide the objective of why those laws were formed in the first place. In Bangladesh, there is a disparity when it comes to access to justice. The have-nots in my country are denied justice. I aspire to change this fact someday. I have always tried in my position to ensure justice for the forsaken in my society. With the help of my organization, I have tried to promote access to justice in my country and promote legal rights and obligations in our society. I hope someday like there are excellent laws in my country, there will also be a good implementation of this laws in our society.




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