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LexTalk World Talk Show with Peter Wailan Ibrahim, Associate at Yudhistira Atmojo Law Firm

Peter is an Associate from Yudhistira Atmojo Law Firm with expertise in the fields of bankruptcy, insolvency, and corporate law. Throughout his career he has been fortunate to work on major legal dispute and assisted clients in obtaining favourable settlements.


Host: How did you grow your interest in this field, and what do you think about your current position, compared to your previous profession? (If you have changed your profession)

Peter: Since childhood, I had no interests in law, but naturally this interest came with studying law and legal matters. The settlement of legal problems in the end always gives its own unique addiction and a little sense of pride because it has resolved cases well, even though it has to be exploited at the beginning. In addition, every case and project that has to be finish are always different - those are the factors that has amazed me.

Host: What kind of solutions would you like to advise others, especially those who want to take up this profession?

Peter: Lawyers are passion from the heart which strives for intellectual perfection and integrity; for intellectual perfection the solution is made up time for read. For integrity, a lawyer must have empathy and care for clients to gain trust, cooperation and reliability that is essential for the maximum attention.

Host: Time is money in any profession and in legal it's most of all. How do you ensure to make the best of your time as a lawyer?

Peter: As a lawyer, I use the time to focus on solving cases by not procrastinating on work, and conducting precise short meetings until the goal of the meeting is achieved in each meeting. Apart from that, in my spare time I do small productive activities such as reading to gain knowledge, playing chess to hone my sharpness of thinking, exercising, or pursuing an automotive hobby.




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