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LexTalk World Talk Show with Muhammad Awais Raza, CEO/Managing Partner at British Law Company (BLC)

Muhammad Awais Raza is a practicing Lawyer in Pakistan since more than 10 years, Completed my graduation LL.B (Hons) from University of Northumbria from NewCastle, UK, then persued his LL.M (Masters in Law) degree from University of Manchester in International Business Law, after LL.M did my Legal Practice Course (LPC) from BPP School of Law London. In 2010 he started his profession as a Lawyer in Lahore , Pakistan. Made his own Law firm in 2013 by the name British Law Company (BLC).


Host: What motivated you to choose the Legal sector as a domain of work and how has been your career span?

Muhammad: Coming to the legal profession was not like i choose to be a lawyer but i always wanted to work in a field where i can directly be helpful and lissen to the matters of the public, like doctor, lawyers because in these two profession one needs to lissen to the problems of the client directly and guide them and find a legal way out of it. Having a background of as Landlord and agriculturist family, there are alot of matter are of to be sorted out in day to day routine, especially related to land disputes, water disputes etc. So it started to have interest in the legal field that it will be really helpful not me also but for general public also, so i finally ended up doing my Law degree and being a litigation lawyer helps me to see the clients and lissen to their cases and problems directly, give them way out and solve their matters legally through the courts.

As the law nowdays is required in every field of life, so it feels great to have knowledge of the same guide people, companies and also helps me making decision of all other things in life also. Being in the legal field has always helped me alot and making me achieve the goal for helping and guiding the people to their issues.

Host: What are the different challenges and opportunities that you have or had faced while working in this field?

Muhammad: Law and practicing as a lawyer give you challenges every day and make you learn something new everyday, though it could be through a case study , a litigation in the court , from the seniors or could be through a junior associate , learning never stops.

Mostly a new case study has to be done every day, preparing the cases , researching the previous case laws and also reading the laws so preparing your arguments in the court. The most challenging part of the legal professional and especially in the litigation is arguing a case, you have to be spontaneous and on spot and make decision on the spot while arguing a case that what matters you have to argue in your arguments and what things you dont have to argue.

The challenges of this profession is to keep your self updated with all relevant laws, any amendments, renowed judgments and also knowing the laws which are made globally in other jurisdictions, so one can different between laws and make good arguments. I have learned alot gradually with time and especially working as legal advisor for a Government Institution make you learn alot of things and work under pressure, strict time lines, giving legal opinions of the matter which you have not heard before, reading and searching relevant laws.

Host: What kind of solutions would you like to advise others, especially those who want to take up this profession?

Muhammad: Adopting Legal Practice as your profession is not a easy job, depends if you take this profession serious and make a difference and make your name in this profession and field also. One has to go through a long learning period and the keys to success is patience and punctuality in life. You have to be very clear that if you want to adopt this profession of law as lawyer, depends if you want to be a litigation lawyer or a in-house lawyer, in both scenerio both require alot of learning.

First one needs to be clear that if he wanted to be litigation lawyer practicing in the courts or be a in-house lawyer. Once your clear in this thing than you surely need to make your self familiar with the laws and area of law you want to practice in.

Generally as to my self i was always clear in my mind that i wanted to be a practicing corporate lawyer and not a in house lawyer, generally started practicing in all field of law grasping all the ingredients and taste of every field of law then after almost 3 years of general practicing choose a way forward in the field of company, banking and corporate practice only. It is easy to then practice in a specified area of law then practice general in all fields of law.

Practicing in a specialized are of law it makes you grasp that area of law and field more easily and more grip and up date your self in the relevant laws easily.

Finally reading, learning and composing you self is the keys to success in this profession and obviously with time you learn many things in this field, one just has to be consistent in this field.




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