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LexTalk World Talk Show with Esther Ong, Senior Partner at Esther Ong Tengku Saiful & Sree

LexTalk World Talk show with Ms. Esther Ong. Esther is a lawyer of 26 years legal standing and she is the Senior Partner of Messrs. Esther Ong Tengku Saiful & Sree (ETS). Her primary areas of practice are in intellectual property, conveyancing, corporate matters, franchising, civil and corporate litigation. She frequently appears in court for litigation matters and has even appeared in the Federal Court of Malaysia on numerous occasions.

Her experience includes a variety of tort matters including and not limited to defamation and negligence cases and family disputes. Esther always has the passion in development of franchise businesses. She provides advice on the setting up of a franchise business, creating a master franchise, sub-franchise, registration of franchise with the relevant authorities, etc. She has successfully assisted entrepreneurs to expand their businesses into a franchise group that has grown throughout Malaysia and overseas.


Host : The pandemic saw some courts begin moving towards more remote proceedings and availability. Is this sustainable, and a possible way to increase access to justice, in your opinion?

Esther : Yes, it is sustainable and in fact, our firm has subscribed to this method. We took precautionary steps as in sending our lawyers over to the place where the witnesses are and those witnesses are being cross examined under our surveillance to prevent any coaching whatsoever.

Host : In the era of legal technology, what are the most commonly used tools for you?

Esther : We have our own software from the very beginning since 1999 when we first started. Still remember, we had to purchase from the UK to have the software. All files are stored in the software so that minutes of each and every file is keyed in and hence, lawyers and staff who are in charge have accessed. The best part of having this software is that the status of each file is readily available at our fingertips and that gives our clients heads-up and real time status reporting to our clients.

Host: Time is money in any profession and in legal it's most of all. How do you ensure to make the best of your time as a lawyer?

Esther: I adopt the principle of getting right at the first instance. This is to avoid repetition of going through the same thing again and again. Further, multi-tasking is my strength and hence, time can be saved in the process.

Host: As a lawyer of 25 years' legal standing, what makes you still practise as a lawyer?

Esther: It boils down to passion. In every file that I handle, I just love doing it. The why of doing the file propels me to go further. In fact, I always inform my lawyers and staff that behind every file is LIFE. Every action, every letter and every document that we crafted will affect lives behind the files. And this makes me feel a sense of great achievements every time a file is done and closed. It gives me great satisfaction that lives have been touched and I have contributed to that.

Host: With the pandemic that has affected the whole world for almost 2 years now, how did you, as a Founding and Senior Partner, cope with this impact?

Esther: As shared, we have had software since 1999 and hence this pandemic has not affected our working styles but it helps us to be more efficient as we don't have to travel to get our work done. Hence, our productivity has increased and this helps us to double our revenue during this pandemic.


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