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LexTalk World Talk Show with Bijetri Roy, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at ....

Bijetri Roy is an entrepreneur, project finance and renewable energy, climate change and ESG advisory lawyer, and tech enthusiast. She is the Managing Director of her startup company InsPIRE. She has an LLM from the Centre for Commercial Law Studies - Queen Mary University of London.


Host: How did you grow your interest in this field, and what do you think about your current position, compared to your previous profession? (If you have changed your profession)

Bijetri: To start with, I am a qualified lawyer and hold an LLM from the Centre for Commercial Law Studies - Queen Mary University of London. I developed a keen interest in the fields of law and economics while still in high school, and added to that was my interest in reading courtroom thrillers by Earl Stanley Gardner and John Grisham.

During my LLM days, I studied subjects like International Economic Law, International Trade Law, Climate Change Law & Policy, which became the turning point of my career choice. I became sure that I would like to work in the fields of legal and policy research and advisory.

Having started my career as a Banking and Project Finance Lawyer at a boutique law firm in Mumbai in 2015, I developed further interest in project finance and corporate advisory. I changed my work area a bit and explored teaching for a while, which was again a turning point for me to realize that in addition to being a legal and policy researcher/advisor, I am also enjoying teaching law.

In 2020, after a personal loss, I contemplated for a few months and decided to quit my job at an edutech company to start my own venture - InsPIRE which deals in macroeconomics, development, infrastructure, public policy, climate change, project finance research, consultancy, and advisory. As an entrepreneur, I have come to the conclusion that my prior knowledge and experience in the field of law and policy are shaping my role further as not only the Managing Director or a legal professional but also as a strategic planner and an innovator. I am also a tech enthusiast, and I am also trying to build a business model in the area of tech-legal and legal management soon.

Host: Looking at the scale of developments in the field of business, how and in what terms would you consider the use of technology and how would you like to use it?

Bijetri: For me personally, technology plays a vital role in the development and growth of businesses. I am building a business model in the area of tech-legal and legal management. AI, data science, and SEO play an important role in today's day and age. Innovations in the field of law are the need of the hour, in my opinion.

With everything getting digitally available and accessible, the use and implementation of AI-based and tech-based platforms for legal management, managing workflow, contract and documentation management and storage can be innovated upon in the near future to make the legal and legal tech fields more convenient and globally connected.

Host: How would you rate the current legal system's drive towards encouraging access to justice? Is there tangible movement in closing the justice gap?

Bijetri: The pandemic has brought justice delivery system to the doorstep of the public, by implementing online video conferencing platforms like Webex and Zoom.

Further, with the advent of the AI-based App ChatGPT and the use of the same by High Courts in delivering orders, has really brought justice delivery system closer to people which fulfills one of the basic goals of the Constitution; which is access to justice under Article 21.

The Hon'ble Chief Justice of India has been quite proactive in closing the gap and promoting online access and e courts.




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