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Lawyer-vendor relationship, where does it stand?

Whenever laying the best business development strategies for law businesses, one of our prime steps includes the assembling of a solid team, one which usually includes seasoned lawyers, trained paralegals and other professionals. But apart from this, lawyers also need to establish positive relationships with vendors, in order to provide efficient services to their clients. In the legal industry, there exists all kinds of vendors, lawyers, on their behalf, should especially nurture relationships with a few kind of companies since they can have a substantial impact on the work lawyers perform for their clients.

1. Title company

Lawyers dealing with real estate work usually require a title company for their deals. A title company is one, which may help in protecting an individual from past ownership conflicts with home or real estate property. The title company verifies that the seller possesses the legal right to sell the property to a buyer. Title companies have the power to issue a policy, called title insurance, which protects homeowners and lenders from conflicts that may arise from the property’s previous owners. The ‘title’ here, represents the legal right to own, use and control real property. So, to legally transfer ownership of a home, an individual must determine that the home title is free of any defects, implying that no one else has claims to owning the property.

Apart from this, title company also provides escrow services, making a lawyer’s job easier by delegating task to lawyers in other instances, however, the same is solely based on jurisdiction. Dealing with multiple title insurance companies can be confusing for lawyers, since different companies have their own procedures for handling such deals. Therefore, it can be helpful for lawyers to nurture a relationship with one good title company, which can efficiently handle every real estate deal which a lawyer handles under his/her jurisdiction.

2. Appellate printers

During filing of appeals, lawyers engage themselves with services of an appellate printer. As the name states, these can help in processing, preparing, and printing records on appeals and briefs.

The traditional method to appellate briefs and records was dependent on printing, as it was the only way these filings could be properly presented in the court. Since most firms did not have the equipment to do this printing, the apt solution was to outsource this role, so that the tasks were completed properly. However, the age of digitization has changed these traditional methods, and now many appellate courts accept electronic appellate briefs and records.

Among the various benefits it provides, the prime reason to use appellate printing is because it ensures that cases are properly hyperlinked and that the tables needed for such briefs are created so that lawyers do not need to spend time on this function.

3. Court reporting services

For every lawyer, a court reporter is required from time to time. Court reporters are highly trained professionals who share a unique ability to convert the spoken word into information that can be read, searched, and archived. Also known as guardians of the record, they are believed to be impartial with their role within the judicial process and capture the words spoken by everyone during a court or deposition proceeding. These court reporters then prepare verbatim transcripts of proceedings. The official record or transcript helps safeguard the legal process. When litigants want to exercise their right to appeal, they will use the transcript to provide an accurate record of what transpired during their case.

Given the fact that depositions can be scheduled at last minute, having a trusted court reporting service is indispensable. In many cases, these court reporters are also well-versed in particular areas of law, making them well equipped with the procedures and jargons of that area of law.

A lawyer’s job is certainly not easy. They deal with clients, handle large client files and data, attend court hearings, and on top of that also deal with strategies to keep their law business afloat. To effectively handle their jobs, it is important for them to get assistance of numerous outside vendors. Doing so, and establishing solid relationships with their vendors can ensure them that they will be able to focus more clearly on their client and serve them effectively.




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