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Is Legal Industry Prepared to Face the Upcoming Recession?

In 2022, the International Monetary Fund projected that the global economy will witness a sharp drop by the end of 2022 and will fall further in 2023, leading to a possible recession. Furthermore, economists believe that the areas which will be hit the hardest includes regions, particularly the U.S, U.K, and the Eurozone. With rising inflation, even economies such as the China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa are trying their best to prepare for the worst.

Among the economies mentioned above, one of the things which remain common in them, is that the presence of law firms remains largest in these areas, making it clear that even the law industry is not immune to the recession. In comparison to other industries, we can expect the legal sector to face less damage and even emerge profitable. Through this article we have discussed the potential pillars of success for law firms in order to stay harmless from the recession.

Before we move ahead with our key points, it is important to understand that people and businesses will always need lawyers. During incidents of increasing financial crises, recessions, or any such crises which may affect the ordinary life course, the need for professional legal services increases at an alarming level. Even though we have ruled out that legal firms might not face much harm due to the recession, there is still plenty of space to reorganize their inner workings and maximise the practice areas which can become the most required and profitable due to the demand they would possess.

Moreover, bankruptcy, Restructuring & Insolvency, Family Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law are unlikely to be affected, and we can expect their demand will still exist and grow. On the other hand, corporate and business law might slightly dwindle since companies would have to face the possibility of cutting on their budgets for legal matters.

The first key point which law firms should understand is to show up even during recession times. Investing in marketing strategies will remain crucial during this time. People or businesses would be looking for lawyers since their services would be required immediately. Showing up during such time will definitely be a challenge for law firms, implying they should readapt their teams. Hence, it will become important to maximise and reorganize the staff to meet the demand. Almost every sector will face adversity due to the recession, some more than the other, therefore, getting noticed will allow clients and prospective clients to know that the law firm has a reinforced team.

SEO is a key law firm marketing strategy but this feature can take months and years to show results. During times such as recession, where short-term survival is a top priority, law firms can continue their marketing strategy by changing a budget of their SEO’s budget to PPC or the pay-per-clicks ads. This will allow the firm in getting faster results, while reducing the budget. We can also use the email marketing strategy to focus on nurturing our leads.




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