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Important tips from the Government of Indiaregarding use of TikTok

TikTok is the new fad for the video sharing genre. This Video sharing App has crossed 2 billion downloads already with India accounting for the largest drivers of downloads. India already has given the App 611 million lifetimes download. With the soaring popularity of the App, the Government of India has advised the users to exercise caution and have asked to follow some tips to safeguard data breach and protect privacy issues.

These tips range from keeping the account private and limit people making comments. In their Twitter account of Information Security Awareness (ISEA) of MeitY, they have shared the steps to safeguard account information. The same are as follows –

  • Keep your account private

  • Disable download video feature

  • Limit who can comment to your friends only or to no one

  • If you allow everybody’s comments, filter them in the comment filters

  • Kids need to be taken care of regarding the Apps which are popular with them, hence parents need keep a close watch over them using such Apps

  • Limit the ‘Stitch or Duet’ permission of your video to friends or no one

  • Limit who can ‘react’ to your video to your friends or no one

  • In case of being bullied by anyone in TikTok, you can go their account and block them or you can report the incident to the authorities



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