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ILTA announces a partnership with LegalTech Hub

The ILTA has announced a new member and a business partner benefitsprogram via a partnership with the LegalTech Hub. This partnership will help the members of ILTA to have free access to the integrated directories which will feature 2,000 legal technology products and services together, combined with a powerful search tool and filters to help the members find a solution that will be best in terms of meeting with their legal technology-based needs.

LegalTech Hub was co-founded by Nicola Shaver and Jeroen Plink and was finally launched on October 2020. However, regarding this new partnership, the CEO of ILTA noted that legal technology is a marketplace that has never been so much dynamic, and having to LegalTech Hub’s directory, taxonomy and search will allow the members to find the providers who fit according to the evolving needs. This collaboration shows a strong alignment of the strategic plans of ILTA to demonstrate the power of partnering for success, regarding which more informations will be available in the upcoming days.


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