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CLOC appoints three new board members and a new VP as the last founder steps down

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium has appointed three new board members and a new Vice President as the last founding board members are going to step down soon. The Chief Financial Officer Chris Coats will be replaced by Frances Pomposo who will join the board as treasurer. Frances Pomposo is the Vice President of LGA Strategy & Operations and the Chief of Staff to the General Counsel at Splunk. Beforejoining Splunk, Frances Pomposo was a senior director of legal operations and the Chief of Staff to the General Counsel at Workday and has also held similar senior roles at Lyft and Adobe. The other two new board members who have been appointed are Adam Becker, the Director of Legal Operations at Cockroach Labs, and Laura Dieudonne, the Legal Operations and Administration Director at Delta Airlines. On the other hand, Farrah Pepper, the Chief Legal Innovation Counsel at Marsh McLennan was appointed to the CLOC Board in 2021 and has taken over the new role as Vice President.

Chris Coats was the last of the founding members of CLOC who was a part of the board. Although Adobe’s former chief of staff and senior director for legal operations Lisa Konie who stepped down from the Board in December 2022 is leading the CLOC Staff as the interim executive director. Lisa Konie replaced Betsi Roach who served as CLOC’s inaugural executive director since May 2020. The remaining board members are Aine Lyons, SVP and Deputy Counsel for Global Legal Services and Privacy at VMware appointed in 2019; Jason Barnwell, the Assistant General Counsel for Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft; Jennifer McCarron, the Director for Legal Operations and Technology at Netflix and Daniel Yi, the Senior Counsel for Special Projects and Innovation at the US Department of Justice.




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