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About Us

'LexTalk World’ comes from the cradle of Clickaway Creators. An initiative by a group of highly motivated, spirited, seasoned professionals from the business of Events and Seminars with more than a decade experience in Marketing, Client Handling, Administration, Data Management, Execution, etc

The Key People
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Vinay Kumar Attri
Director - Client Relations & Digital Innovations

Vinay is responsible for initiating, planning, strategizing and executing global conferences and digital innovations for different Industry verticals. Currently working closely with Retail Industry (Brands, Retailers, E-Commerce Companies, Retail technology Providers) and Legal Industry (In-House Legal Departments, Law Firms, Legal Technology Providers, Legal Service Vendors) and key people in these industries to create, establish and propagate domain knowledge through business networking and platforms through BizzTalk & LexTalk World. Vinay is highly experienced in strategy building with marketing, operations, client servicing and event execution departments. He has over a decade of rich experience having worked with major organizations in the similar fields of knowledge-driven platforms and verticals. He has been instrumental in connecting to professionals and experts across the world in his long tenure of work in this field. Vinay is a complete professional with more than a decade of rich experience in systematic conceptualizing, planning, strategizing, prospecting, marketing, administration and execution of business projects on a complete turnkey basis. Apart from the above credentials, he is a man on strong nerves who also has rich experience in quality audit, setting parameters and overseeing seamless execution resulting in customer satisfaction and retention. 

Abhishek Gourav
Director - Conferencing & Magazine

Abhishek primarily takes care of executing international conferences and magazines being produced for Legal and Retail industries under the ClickAway Creators banner. He has been a key person in the field of business development with almost a decade and a half rich experience in the field of Events, Seminars. Exceptionally adept in handling overseas and domestic customers, sensing and converting business opportunities into revenue generation modules, Abhishek has worked with well-known Media and Event Management organizations with great success and alacrity. Abhishek also has more than a decade of experience in the field of marketing and sales with high success rates on conversion and he has been instrumental in creating the concept of ClickAway Creators and the formats of business based on events and 360 degrees media opportunities in the fields of International Retail and Legal Industry. Abhishek is an absolute go-getter, die-hard optimist and a hardcore business development person with an attitude of assertiveness with knowledge. He has learned the art of working and converting both International and domestic business prospects. With considerable domain knowledge, a strong penchant for research and an eye for details, Abhishek believes in the theory of embarking on a project with proper homework beforehand.    

Pardeep (Paddy) Tyagi
Director of Marketing & Conceptualization

A crucial part of the organization and has been contributing to success in different roles from the inception of ClickAway Creators. His out of the box ideas have always proven to be helpful in making it big. He is currently taking care of the conceptualization and marketing for all digital and in-person conferences and digital platforms for BizzTalk and LexTalk World. He is skilled and trained in managing large scale events. Areas of competence are in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Market Research, Smooth flow, and seamless application of digital communication through Email Marketing, Analytics, and handling of data for the purpose of resources which forms a backbone in any Marketing Initiatives and drives. Pardeep is a dedicated team player who has a profound understanding of the dynamics of Marketing Management. He is armed with an MBA Degree in Business Administration and General Management from DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad. Pardeep is an expert on digital fronts and has been instrumental in setting up the digital platforms in BizzTalk and LexTalk World under the ClickAway Creators banner.

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