Protection of data and privacy rules


7th December 2021

Protection of data and privacy rules

The year 2020 has seen major up heals in issues relating to data privacy. With the global pandemic SARS Covid 19 hitting the world hard, the entire dynamics of our work and personal lives have changed with higher reliance on technology and the digital world. The events of 2020 underlined the need for data privacy in a major way. With countries employing intrusive location-tracking apps to slow down the spread of Covid-19, tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Facebook being involved in massive data breach scandals; the importance of strong privacy legislation became glaringly obvious. Organizations, Governments and personal users need protection which cannot be compromised at any cost.

This webinar shall cover:

  • Evaluating the threat and implications.

  • Privacy legislations across the globe.

  • Analyzing and evaluating the scope and opportunities of these legislations.

  • Complying with the latest laws and what with the repercussions for the global organizations.

  • Disinformation and the threat which prevails on its growth.

  • GDPR was a breakthrough in data privacy – the new golden standard among data protection regulations. What is happening around the globe?  

  • Risk Assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments under the GDPR.. How can organizations mitigate data protection risks?  

  • Recent Personal data Breaches in Europe.  

  • Complexity of International data transfers  

  • Brazilian data protection act:

       1.  Scope

       2. Liability

       3. Regulatory aspects

  • Recent data breach in the MENA region

  • Impact of the data breach on the critical infrastructure

  • How to protect data - continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment


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Saeed Hasan Khan

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